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The current economic downturn means that there will inevitably be a rise in the number of businesses and organizations which have to decrease staff levels to survive the present lack of credit facilities and financial uncertainties. Downsizing, shrinking, contracting, right-sizing, laying-off or restructuring - no matter how the reductions in staffing levels are phrased, redundancy is a serious step for both employees and employers.

Redundancy holds challenges and opportunities for employers and employees alike. There are legal duties and rights involved and it is essential that correct practice is adhered to and that all procedures are followed in a scrupulous and fair manner.

Redundancies often mean difficult circumstances for employers and uncertain, insecure times for employees. So it is important to consider the wider implications of redundancy, and also to give serious thought to the work or leisure opportunities that may arise from these circumstances.

This site offers a portal to some online resources relating to different aspects of redundancy. It provides a portal to websites which provide information on all facets of redundancy but cannot not provide advice or recommendations on individual cases. If you need further assistance then you should seek advice from a Trade Union, Citizens Advice Bureau or Employment Law advisor as appropriate.

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Note :  The statutory maximum weekly pay used in statutory redundancy pay calculations rose to £450 from £430 with effect from 1st February 2013. Where maximum payments are due to rise in future the default maximum in the calculator on this site will change accordingly. You can alter the figure prior to the next change date in the calculator if the  date of termination for your calculation is after that date.

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PLEASE NOTE : The information on this site is provided as-is as a focus for resources concerning redundancy issues. We cannot provide any legal or advisory information on specific cases, so please DO NOT contact us for such advice. If you require further assistance with your own circumstances then you should take professional advice from an appropriate source such as an Employment Lawyer, Trade Union, Citizens Advice Bureau or other agency competent to provide such assistance.


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