The following are links to redundancy-related resources for employees and employers on the internet :

Calculators etc :
Basic UK Redundancy Pay Calculator
PEAR COMPUTING SYSTEMS - Redundancy and Redeployment Solutions
BERR (Dept for Business Enterprise and Statutory Reform) Redundancy Pay Calculator

Employment Law :
UK Statute Law Database - Employment Rights Act 1996 (c. 18) Part XI Redundancy payments etc. Employment Law Guide - Redundancy
Law Society - Redundancy Practice Note - from 19 December 2008

Forms :
The Insolvency Service - Advance Notice of Redundancies - HR1 Form (PDF)

General Resources: 
ACAS Advice - Redundancy
ACAS Advisory booklet - Redundancy handling (Booklet Summary)
BBC News - The Pitfalls of Redundancy
BBC News - How to Cope when your Firm goes Bust
BBC News - How to Cope with Recession - Negotiating Redundancy
BBC Raw - Coping With Redundancy (video) ("Skills for Everyday Life")
BERR (Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) - Redundancy
Chartered Management Institute - Redundancy Support Service
CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development) - Redundancy
Citizens Advice Bureau - Adviceguide - Redundancy an Introduction
Citizens Advice Bureau - Adviceguide - Redundancy (PDF)
Citizens Advice Bureau (N.Ireland) - Surviving Redundancy
Citizens Advice Bureau (N.Ireland) - Employment Fact Sheet : Redundancy
City Redundancies - City Redundancy Packages (City of London)
City Redundancies - Understanding Redundancy
Credit Action - Redundancy A practical guide for employees
Directgov - Being Made Redundant
Guardian Money - Redundancy
HRM Guide - Redundancy : A Guide for Employers
HR Zone - The cycle of grief: The key to handling redundancy
Labour Relations Agency - Redundancy Q & A - Advice - Redundancy : What to do if it happens to you
People Management - Employment law at work: Redundancy
Personnel Today - Redundancy Tracker and UK Job Losses
Personnel Today - Redundancy : Top 10 Alternatives (for employers)
Redundancy Help (
Scottish Government - Public Service : Severance, Early Retirement and Redundancy Terms
Times Online - The Bright Side of Redundancy - Redundancies: Employment solicitors explain how to avoid litigation
Working Rights - Redundancy

Find Help :
Citizens Advice Bureau - Find a local office - SCOTLAND
Citizens Advice Bureau - Find a local office - ENGLAND and WALES
Citizens Advice Bureau - Find a local office - N.IRELAND
TUC - Details of Trade Unions in the Britain
TUC / Worksmart - Facing Redundancy booklet